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    You have just found California's largest model home consignment clearing house!  Just Like The Model's 25,000 square-foot showroom is loaded with new merchandise that is always changing.  Visit our showroom frequently to see our large variety designer selections of home decor, Chairs, Sofas, Bedding, bedroom Sets, Lamps, Artwork, Tables, Dining Room Furniture, Rugs, and Accessories.  Our merchandise changes weekly!  


Come in today or call us with any questions you may have. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sale of the week: In Honor of Cesar Chavez Day we are Offering No Sales Tax on Saturday March 29th

We have received 4 Models in! Beautiful traditional, Industrial, and Modern Conteporary furniture. Look for pictures on our Facebook and your weekly Newsletter.

Have you traveled lately or found a beautiful print and don’t know how to use it? Incorporate it on a pillow or ottoman. Frame it on the wall, use as drapery or upholster a headboard with it. Add color to you neutral sofa by adding ethnic-pattern pillows. Upholster your ottoman with a tribal print. Frame the print, as it will add color to your walls and space. You can even play with zig-zag shapes or chevron prints.

Useful tip of the week: Use Ethnic Prints and Patterns

These are some helpful tips on incorporating ethnic-prints and patters to your room

This is another way of adding pizazz to your home.  Happy shopping!

5:31 pm edt 

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Sale of the week: No Sales Tax on Sofas

We just received a new shipment of furniture and lovely sofas. Look for pictures on our Facebook and weekly Newsletter.

Accent chairs are an easy way to add interest to a room. Use accent chairs to pull in a color from your décor. Use patterns or prints. Don’t be afraid of mismatching as they are called “Accent Chairs”. Place them in a corner of a large room. If you have a large window make the most of the natural sunlight. Place the chair in front of the window to create a cozy reading spot. Accent chairs can stand alone as signature pieces or a way of expressing your personal style.

Useful tip of the week: Use Accent Chairs

For every accent chair there is a corner. Here are helpful tips for adding accent chairs to your room. Happy shopping! 

6:18 pm edt 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Sale of the week: 30% off Dinner Plates

Looking to buy a sofa? Well you've come to the right place! We just received a shipment of beautiful sofas and sofa sleepers. Check our Facebook page and look for your weekly Newsletter for pictures.

When selecting a sofa think about, shape, size comfort, and functionality. Determine what shape best suits your space. Decide whether it's going to be for everyday activities such as, relaxing, reading, watching TV, or occasional seating. Also, keep in mind a sofa sleeper as they can be very useful for visiting guests. 

Useful tip of the week: How to choose a Sofa

Everyone knows that choosing the right sofa for your space can be tricky, but not impossible! These are Six tips for choosing the perfect sofa. Happy shopping!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Sale of the week: Pay No Sales Tax Friday March 7th & Saturday March 8th

Need office furniture? We just received beautiful office credenzas and cabinets. We will be getting in a Model Home tomorrow. Check out our Facebook page for pictures.

Still have that small space and can't figure out how to open it up? Incorporate glass to create space. The glass lightens the space and gives it an open feel to it. Also, decorate with mirrors, as they can create a bigger effect. If you have clutter, get rid of it. Keep items that will enhance the look of your space.

Useful tip of the week: How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger 

These are some helpful tips on how to achieve an open space in a small room. Happy Shopping!

3:36 pm est 

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