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    You have just found California's largest model home consignment clearing house!  Just Like The Model's 25,000 square-foot showroom is loaded with new merchandise that is always changing.  Visit our showroom frequently to see our large variety designer selections of home decor, Chairs, Sofas, Bedding, bedroom Sets, Lamps, Artwork, Tables, Dining Room Furniture, Rugs, and Accessories.  Our merchandise changes weekly!  


Come in today or call us with any questions you may have. 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Sale!!!

Sale of the week: 45% off Bedding & 6x9/Larger Rugs; 50% off All Headboards

Useful tip of the week: Reasons to Love Big Comfy Sectionals

Whether your space is large or small sectionals are a must in a room. Here are a few reasons why you should get a big comfy sectional. Sectionals add definition to a room and usually don't need sofa tables behind them because they can stand alone. Sectionals are cozy when watching TV, all you need is a warm blanket and everyone has a seat to enjoy the show. If you have a game room a sectional provides seating between matches. If your home has a modern vibe with sharp lines & metal pieces a sectional definitely warms the room up. Sectional are a great way to divide a room creating two seating areas. If you're decorating a large room a sectional can fill that space without it feeling cluttered. Sectionals can also be flexible as you can use the pieces separately in different room. 

Here is the entire article on houzz.  Here are pictures to give you ideas. Happy shopping!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Huge Bedding Sale!

Sale of the week: 45% off Bedding

Looking to switch out your bedding? Come in and check out all the beautiful bedding we've been receiving. New furniture available now!

Useful tip of the week: How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Rug

The task of finding a dining room rug can be a challenge. Choosing the perfect one is important because it frames the table to define the room. This rug will also add comfort while showcasing your style. The number one top would be measurements. Measure the width and length of your table and add 18"-24" to each of the four sides to allow extra room for your chairs. The style of your dining rug can vary according to your lifestyle, budget, and personal tastes. Remember to choose rugs that have a flat weave or short pile as spills are inevitable. Choosing too thick rugs can make it difficult to clean. Try carpet tiles that come in interlocking squares and can be any size rug. Avoid light hues such as creams and whites. They tend to show dirt and spots.

How to choose the perfect dining room rug. Here are some pictures to give you ideas.  Happy shopping!

1:23 pm edt 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Customer Appreciation Day Sale!

Sale of the week: Customer Appreciation Day Sale! We'd like to Express our Gratitude & Celebrate our 2yr Anniversary in Irvine Luck of the Draw! 15%-35% off Your Entire Purchase (2 days only 10/10 &10/11)

5 Models in this week! If you're looking for sofas, sectional, or sofa sleepers, now is the time to stop in! We received beautiful furniture and high-end accessories. Look for pictures on our Facebook or your weekly Newsletter.

Whether you entertain a lot or a little your home can always look amazing with these tips. Choose furniture and decor in a mix of colors and tectures that inspire you. If you're thinking about replacing your sofa remember comfort and functionality are key to choosing one. Set the scene with vases and floral arrangements. Add low-wat light bulbs or dimmer switches. Make sure you have enough seats for your guests. Remember to use low floral arrangements for the dining table. This allows guests across each other to see and converse without anythink abstructing their view.

Get ideas for your Entertaining SeasonHere are some photos to get you inspire. Happy shopping!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Shipments Available Now!

Sale of the week: 25% off Bedding; 50% off Headboards Some Exclusions May Apply

Now is the perfect time to stop in for sofa, love seats, & sectionals. Look for pictures on our Facebook or weekly Newsletter

Layering rugs is a hot new trend that has been seen in several home furnishings catalogs. If you're not too sure about the layering of rugs start by choosing rugs that have the same fabrication/construction. A simple yet trendy look is a sisal or jute rug layered with a fun patterned rug to define the seating area. Contrast colors and styles of rugs can give your room lots of personality. Try a sea grass rug and layer a hide over it mixing textures for a fun yet sophisticated look. Layering rugs in a children's room or nursery can add extra cushion for their first steps. In a bedroom you can layer a sheepskin rug for a warm comfortable look. Have fun with this new trend!

Here is the best way to layer rugsHere are pictures to help you get ideas. Happy shopping. 

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